Thursday, March 5, 2009

AIM Poker Nights: Union Tournament

The AIM Poker Nights in cooperation with Pavaanjeet and Sameer of MBA Cohort 3 proudly brings you the UNION Tournament this Saturday, March 7. The Tournament will be a gathering of poker enthusiasts, united by a common interest... POKER!!

The Tournament shall start at 10pm. The buy-in for this tournament will be 300 pesos.
There will be a bar at the event venue (poolside) care of the Drunken Ducks.

For those who are interested to join you can immediately sign up with Pavaanjeet and Sameer who will be heading this event. This special tournament is part of their Walkabout Project and the Poker Boys are more than willing to help their fellow students.

So boys and girls see you this Saturday!

Poker Girl

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Poker Night Wednesday

The AIM Poker Nights are doing an experimental schedule where this week's regular Thursday game will be held tomorrow Wednesday (March 4)

This time there will be new good-looking tandem who will be managing tomorrow's event. They are Umesh Kandpal and Abhishek Kumar of Cohort 3.

The table will be open from 10pm at the pool side.

see ya there

PS: Post your comments on how good the new dealers are from Cohort 3

Poker Girl