Monday, December 15, 2008

Poker Boys Dance in Christmas Party

The Asian Institute of Management held its annual Christmas Party last December 10, 2008.
It was headed and organized by the MM batch of 2009. Hosted by our very lovely Arlene Salvador and the dashing Emil Tan.

Since 'tis the season for giving the Poker Boys (Mark, Ken, and Dindo) along with MBA Cohort 2 Class President Franco Ongkingco decided to perform for the whole AIM community. They danced to the medley of jingle bell rock and Mommy's kissing Santa Clause.

well to sum it all up. They stole the show.

this gets me thinking what else can these poker boys do...
we'll soon find out

Poker Girl

Photos from December 7, 2008 Poker Nights

Neeraj aka "Mr.Mystery" and Sachin aka the "Tipping Point"
smiles for the camera even though their almost down to their last poker chip

"P" can't seem to get enough of the Poker Boys
Poses with Poker Boy Dindo Ofrecio aka "PimpAss Paradise"

"P" poses with the Poker twins Kenneth and Mark
its like there's a two for one xmas promo with these two around

Arlene brought her Boyfriend Banjo to AIM Poker Nights
with them is Dindo (left) and Emil "3rdRockSon" Tan

Gino Romero visits his long time buddies in AIM Poker nights
with him are P & C and Bok "Cereal Gigolo" Lamayan

HoHoHo Santa's got a new poker player in Chris Chan from the MDM program

Poker boy Ken aka "Scarlet Spyder" strikes a pose with the "Cereal Gigolo"
to model their hats

Omesh aka Mr.Bond contemplates his next move

Anton "Little LT" plays a little poker while waiting for his wife.
Guess which LOB Professor this Accounting wiz kid was named after??
uhuh u guessed right!

Rankings December 7, 2008

sorry for the late posting... was busy doing some holiday shopping but now its back to poker night mode.

Arora is still leading the AIM pack for the second night in a row. Jitesh (AIM visitor) was just dropping by but eventually played his cards right to grab some points off the poker regulars.

Gear up to break into the top 5 boys and girls
you never know what santa is going to bring you when your playing good in poker

Poker Girl

Monday, December 8, 2008

The PimpASS Paradise Challenge

this just in: Rumor has it that pimpass paradise is challenging the top 5 players of the poker night club to showdown texas holdem 500peso buy-in tourney with no re-buy. money doesn't drive pimpass rankings it's all about pride and glory.

will let you bad boys decide on the date and the place. good luck, drink up and make the poker boys proud!!!!

Poker Girl

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Photos From December 5, 2008 Poker Night

Arlene Salvador of MM 2009 takes center stage
as she steps in as the 1st Poker Night Guest Dealer

Arlene poses with Poker Boys Dindo Ofrecio and Kenneth Reyes-Lao

Spotted: KT (in pink jacket) one of the class presidents of MBA batch3
she has been spotted twice already in poker nights,
the guys are wondering when will she come out to play??

Edwin "The MBA Degree Holder" Del Valle of MBA Batch 1
brings out his lucky charms for Poker Nights

Ann-Sophie Bauwens, our Belgian Exchange Student, and her boyfriend Ludovig Cox
drops by Poker Nights and poses with Poker Boy Mark Uy

Professor Ortigas (right most) starting to rake in the chips
to the sounds of Rock of old.
Arora (center) taking the role of Poker Professor
teaching the game

Who says MBA students don't know how to Multi-Task??
TODA is a prime example of the AIM student
Poker chips in one hand and a highlighted case in another.

John "The Canadian" Lim (in black shirt) of MBA Batch 3 shocks the
Poker Fashion world by forgetting to wear his trademark Poker Sunglasses
beside him are Infinite Justice and Sampoerno

OMG!!! spotted: "P" and "C" gracing the Poker boys with their presence
I couldn't believe they found the time in their busy schedule
of taking YOGA, Shopping, and Relaxing to come to play.
thanks "P&C"

Poker Girl

Friday, December 5, 2008

The New Entrants

Well well, it seems AIM Poker Night is gaining some traction from the other classes. Here are the New Entrants (in alphabetical order)

Don Ramon
Infinite Justice
MBA Degree Holder
Middle Blind
PimpAss Paradise
The Canadian

The Poker Boys welcomes them to Poker Nights.

Stay tuned for more gossips about these fabulous players

Remember Boys and Girls if you're not being talked about then your not famous.

Poker Girl

New Entrants Steal Show; Arora Leads the Pack

I heard that AIM Poker Nights has increased its total player base to 21 players. The new entrants seemed to be holding very well on their own as they did very well in the December 5 outing. Guess the new kids on the block want to show they can play with the big boys.

Arora, playing with a lot of guts and a lot of luck, leads all players with 2220 points. 3rdRocSun performed very well after his dismal performance last Sunday grabbing the second spot of the rankings. PimpAss Paradise started the games with his aggressive tactics and continued to rake in the chips to secure the third spot. PimpAss Paradise is followed closely by Pythogoras and the ever lovable "P".

Our previous leader, Le Chiffre, drops down to the number 6th spot and Mystery takes a dive from being the previous number 2 spot to 12th spot. I guess this just wasn't their night.

The boys of MBA batch 3 seemed to be a little distracted... is it because of Poker Boys' Guest Dealer?? Well next time boys keep your eye on the prize. I know The Canadian will come back with a vengence (or with his sunglasses) and represent the MBA batch 3.

till next time,


Poker Girl

Rankings December 5, 2008

It seemed like there were a lot casualties this time around.

For those at the bottom cellar. don't worry there's nowhere else to go but up!

Poker Girl

Professors Ortigas and Bernardo Visits AIM Poker Nights

Spotted: Professor Titos Ortigas and Professor Jay Bernardo drops by AIM Poker Nights.

Professor Ortigas took time out from his busy schedule checking MRRs to play poker with some of the students from MBA batch 1,2,3 and the MM batch.
Congratulations Professor Jay Bernardo for the first place finish in the rival poker night event. But I guess the poker boys made their poker night more interesting for him to take a peek at the REAL thing.

I hear Professor Ortigas showed the guys a thing or two about poker taking some of them back to school. It seemed to be a relaxing break from the series of MRRs especially when the poker boys played rock music of his "time". Don't worry Professor, the only thing that's important is that we stay young at heart.

Poker Girl

Arlene Salvador Steps in As Guest Dealer

The lovely Arlene Salvador, a student of Masters of Management '09(MM), steps in as the first of a series of Guest Dealers of AIM Poker Nights!
Watch out boys, this girl is a fighter, she rocks the the caseroom as hard as she partys.
Catch Arlene around campus next week as she hosts the AIM annual Christmas Party on December 10 Wednesday!
Thanks for the early Christmas present Arlene
Poker Girl

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Card Slingin'

This just in... I hear THE Poker Boys got some unwanted competition.

Didn't expect poker nights to be really big this soon but guess what? we

have "the other poker night" competing with our poker boys. You know

what they say, imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

But I'm sure this news is not sitting very well with our poker boys.

All's fair in love and war.

In this case, poker wars.

What will our poker boys do? guess wil have to wait and see.


Poker Girl

Monday, December 1, 2008

Le Chiffre Sweeps Off With First Night Winnings

Mr. Cynical was the 1st one taken out but re-buys for P100, followed by his partner in crime Scarlet Spyder. Till the end of the game the following players taken out in order:
Blue Chip
Mr. Cynical
3rd RocSon

Mystery took an early chip lead. Le Chiffre catches up and starts to wittle down his opponents by “sweetening the pot”, a little trick he learned from Baguio.
Pythogoras cashes out just as Mothership takes a seat and before the bets got too sweet

Le Chiffre ends up as 1st place for 12/1 poker night showing everyone how he got his handle. Mystery had a very good start but didn’t have the endurance for the long haul. Tsk tsk, you know what girls say about that Mr. Mystery.
Mothership shows that you don’t have to be a man to rise to the top of the world, a girl after my own heart. Seems Mothership and I have something in common, we both want to be on top. At the bottom is Mr. Cynical, I guess he still has a lot to be cynical about.
Poker Girl

Rankings December 1, 2008

Hey boys and girls, rankings out and hopefully this will satisfy our competitive urges.

Player Previous Points Point Change Current Points

1740 = Le Chiffre
180 = Mystery
180 =Kits
90 =Mothership
-190 =Pythogoras
-400 =3rdRocSun
-400 =Scarlet Spyder
-400 =Blue Chip
-800 =Mr. Cynical

Looks like Le Chiffre knows what he's doing. Who can challenge the current leader?
We'll soon find out.

Poker Girl

The First Movers

It has finally begun. New players have enlisted and gave their poker handles to our beloved poker boys and started raking up the points.

Here is the list of New Players as of December 02, 2008
(in Alphabetical Order)

- Blue Chip
- Kits
- Le Chiffre
- Mothership
- Mr. Cynical
- Mystery
- Pythogoras
- Scarlet Spyder
- 3rdRocSun

Meet the players in our weekly poker nights.
if you feel you have that great poker handle that you really want, let the poker boys know
by sending them an email :

Send your Full Name / Program (MBA,MM,MDM) / Batch / Poker Handle

or you could do it the old fashion way by showing up at poker nights

Poker Girl