Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poke Boy Ken Starts Own Blog

Poker Boy Ken decided to start his own blog. He says it feels almost therapeutic writing your thoughts, goals, adventures and misadventures. He wished he could have done it sooner.

Visit his blog at

Find out more about Ken and how thinks

Poker Girl

Rankings February 19, 2009

Sorry guys if I haven't updated the blog since the February Tournament... the Valentine hangover took longer to wear off than I expected. Any ways it seems that everyone has kept themselves busy playing the game that we all love.

There is something different in this particular ranking because I heard from Poker boy Mark that he wanted to reward the winners of the poker tournament. He granted them bonus points equivalent to double their monetary winnings.

That's why Sid in this particular ranking is up the positive zone.

I feel that this is an incentive for everyone to perform well in the tournaments.
I think there's another one coming up but its currently in the wood work

Poker Girl

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photos: Queen of Hearts Poker Tournament

Queen Of Hearts: Valentines Day Poker Tournament

Setting the mood for a romantic game of Poker

Poker Boy Ken's showmanship is unparalleled
on the day of hearts

Ken and Pierre Francis Tan
Lover Boys

Poker Tournament Table 2

Poker Tournament Table 1

Cohort 2 President Franco Ongkingco visits
AIM Poker Nights after a romantic dinner with his girlfriend Nikki


The Top 3 winners of the 1st ever Poker Tournament
3rd: Rohit
2nd: Ken
1st: Sid

Congratulations and Thank you everyone who supported the event.
hope to see you again in the next one.

On this day of hearts,
maybe Love is like Luck. You have to go all-in to find it.

Poker Girl

Valentine Day Poker Tournament Results

Siddhartha Banerjee (aka Le Chiffre) wins the Queen Of Hearts Poker Tournament with a Queen trips on the river. A fitting ending to Aim Poker Nights 1st Poker Tournament on the day of hearts.

The AIM Poker Nights' first official tournament is very well attended. The V-day Poker Tourney featured 16 players from different cohorts and programs of the Asian Institute of Management and a lone visitor in Pierre Francis Tan who has been a long time friend of Poker Boy Ken. To accommodate all the players the poker boys opened a second table.

Only nine players reached the final table: Table 1 (Ashu, Chris, Ashish, Ken, and Rahul) Table 2 (Siddhartha, Rohit, Pavaan, and Pierre). Sid started the final table with the lowest chip count but miraculously ended the night with a bang.

When it came down to the final two players (Sid and Ken) they both went all-in before the flop. Sid got Queen High and Ken got a King High. On the flop both a King and a Queen appeared giving Ken the advantage of a King pair over Sid's Queen pair. On the Turn came a numbered card and it seemed that Ken was about to win the tournament. Cupid must have been watching this V-day Poker Tournament and the Queen of Hearts appeared on the River. Poker boy Ken had to settle for a second place finish because no one could have written a better ending to a very exciting tournament.

Congratulations Sid, you are now the official King of Hearts of AIM Poker Nights.

Poker Girl

Friday, February 13, 2009

Queen of Hearts: A Valentine Day Tournament

This is an open invite to all lonely boys out there who will be sitting out their saturday night because they don't have a date for V-Day. Don't worry Poker Girl will accompany you.

As the Knights in the middle ages so gallantly fought for the affection of their fair maiden so must you showcase your poker skills to win the affection of the Queen of Hearts. This is the first Valentines Day Tournament and the first official AIM Poker Nights Tourney.

Ground rules for the lonely boys... The buy-in is at 300 pesos. You can only buy in once. Once your chips runs out you are eliminated from the game.

I need to know how many people will participate in our official tournament so email us your names and program at

See ya there!

Poker Girl

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Balut Challenge

The Ultimate Philippine Fear Factor
by the Food Club

Exhibit 1: Duck Eggs or "Balut" to Filipinos

Balut is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly developed embryo inside
It is a Southeast Asian delicacy which is popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac.

it looks like no one is really scared of it...

TODA is the man.

Cohort 3 accepts the Balut Challenge

Poker Boys with the 2 of the makers of the Balut Challenge
Carmie and Clarence

This picture says it all.

I, personally, am not fond of eating half developed embryo
but I'm an expert in cracking eggs...

Poker Girl

Monday, February 9, 2009

Guess Who Wasn't Suited Up??

This is really hilarious!! The school was conducting its annual marketing campaign by taking pictures of its students in their "natural habitat" (the case room) and it seemed that someone didn't read their mail to wear their business suits to class.

All three poker boys ( Dindo, Ken, Mark) located at the front row, wore their casual wear while everybody was in their Sunday's best.

It will be incredibly easy to identify which guys will be "photoshoped" out of this picture.

Poker Girl

Rankings February 7 2009

Somebody send Arora a message cuz it looks like he was bumped off the proverbial poker pedestal in our AIM Poker Nights Rankings. Mr.Cynical with his wit and banter manages to
outmatch his fellow poker players to grab top honors.

Another noteworthy achievement is the string of stellar performance of Chris "The Godfather" China to break his way out of the bottom cellar and into 27th place. People around the table has noticed a different style of play... more calculated, more ruthless. Going up against the Godfather requires a lot of guts and a high chip count because you'll definitely need it.

AIM Poker Nights welcome our new players from Butan... Sangye and Pema. They were very quick learners and very animated during the game. Maybe because of the beer hahaha but seriously hope to see you guys more in poker nights.

Poker Girl

Sunday, February 8, 2009

AIM Poker Nights Fund Raiser

The Poker Boys were approached by their Marketing Professor (Prof Richard Cruz) and pitched the idea of holding a fund raiser for another Professor who currently has cancer.

The boys will come up with various fund raisers to help Professor Quintos-Gonzales with her ongoing battle against Cancer.

For those of you who don't know her she is a core faculty of the W. SyCip Graduate School of Business (WSGSB). She served as the director of the FAMCOR program since 1998. The FAMCOR program is geared towards understanding and managing the Family Corporation.

Updates on the fund raising activities to follow.

Hope that everyone will show their support in their own way.

Poker Girl

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Special Poker Night Friday

It was a sad day on last Thursday night when the poker boys had to cancel poker nights because of their academic commitments. But the Poker boys made up for it when they gave up their Friday evening for a special round of Poker at the Asian Institute of Management.

AIM Poker Nights was so in demand that the students of the Institute wanted a special poker night to replace the one that they sorely missed last Thursday.

According to Poker Boy Mark, "it was one of the best nights we ever had in terms of showcasing poker skills". The night showcased old and new players having a blast with the music of the cohort 3 party as their background.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Poker Nights for February 05, 2009 is canceled due to the Poker Boys preparation for their
Strategic Negotiations Class the next day. The boys are really into this subject and are currently trying to outdo the other in terms of class performance. I heard from the boys that this simulation class being conducted by prof. Confessor and prof. DeVera is one of their best electives by far.

Regular Poker Night will resume on Saturday.

Unless of course someone from Cohort 3 takes the their place for one night.
will someone step up or we'll just wait for the Poker Boys on Saturday?
your call.

Poker Girl

Sunday, February 1, 2009

AIM Pokernights Logo Prototype

Hey guys, the Poker Boys were thinking of what kind of logo AIM Poker Nights should have and would really like to hear some of your ideas and suggestions.

Here is a prototype logo that Fiddy Ganzon did for the AIM Poker Nights. She said I was the inspiration for her logo. I was very flattered... thanks girl! So What do you guys think?
We really need everyone's input before the poker boys officially launch the logo.

If you like it, hate it or have something different in mind, comment on this post
to show us your own version of what you think the logo should be, send it to our
email add:

If your logo is chosen we will send you the first tshirt memorabilia of AIM Poker Nights
for free.

it would be nice if you also keep me in mind when you the logo hahaha
Vote on the Poll

Poker Girl