Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Show Me the MONEY

It really turns me on when guys drive in their hot cars and spend insanely huge amount of money on yours truly. But I know most of you, young MBA soon-to-be graduates, are down roughly 1.2million in student loans. Don't fret I know you can earn it back once we get out of the institute.

For the meantime the poker night guys offers an INITIAL Buy In of 100 php and a minimum additional buy in of 50 php so that everyone can join the fun.


The poker night guys have decided to give 4x for the chip conversion.
which means that for your 100 php, you get 400 worth of chips.


My favorite part of the night... winners cashing out.
All chips will be acounted for and will be converted back to pesos.
10% will go to the HOUSE

For Poker Nights to become a staple in our student life we need to give back to these guys.

Poker Girl

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