Monday, February 9, 2009

Rankings February 7 2009

Somebody send Arora a message cuz it looks like he was bumped off the proverbial poker pedestal in our AIM Poker Nights Rankings. Mr.Cynical with his wit and banter manages to
outmatch his fellow poker players to grab top honors.

Another noteworthy achievement is the string of stellar performance of Chris "The Godfather" China to break his way out of the bottom cellar and into 27th place. People around the table has noticed a different style of play... more calculated, more ruthless. Going up against the Godfather requires a lot of guts and a high chip count because you'll definitely need it.

AIM Poker Nights welcome our new players from Butan... Sangye and Pema. They were very quick learners and very animated during the game. Maybe because of the beer hahaha but seriously hope to see you guys more in poker nights.

Poker Girl

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