Thursday, February 5, 2009


Poker Nights for February 05, 2009 is canceled due to the Poker Boys preparation for their
Strategic Negotiations Class the next day. The boys are really into this subject and are currently trying to outdo the other in terms of class performance. I heard from the boys that this simulation class being conducted by prof. Confessor and prof. DeVera is one of their best electives by far.

Regular Poker Night will resume on Saturday.

Unless of course someone from Cohort 3 takes the their place for one night.
will someone step up or we'll just wait for the Poker Boys on Saturday?
your call.

Poker Girl


JM said...

I'd like to volunteer, since I'm not taking that class, and I'm a poker boy, at wala naman akong pasok kung fridays. Wala lang miss ko na ang Pilipinas.

poker girl said...

well well well, Mr. JM Patino, you have finally broken your silence from Canada.

I have sorely missed you (wink wink)! Seriously you need to let us know what's happening up there in CANADA.

email us a pic of your exchange student experience. we'll post it here

Regnard Raquedan said...

SNCM rulez!!!