Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine Day Poker Tournament Results

Siddhartha Banerjee (aka Le Chiffre) wins the Queen Of Hearts Poker Tournament with a Queen trips on the river. A fitting ending to Aim Poker Nights 1st Poker Tournament on the day of hearts.

The AIM Poker Nights' first official tournament is very well attended. The V-day Poker Tourney featured 16 players from different cohorts and programs of the Asian Institute of Management and a lone visitor in Pierre Francis Tan who has been a long time friend of Poker Boy Ken. To accommodate all the players the poker boys opened a second table.

Only nine players reached the final table: Table 1 (Ashu, Chris, Ashish, Ken, and Rahul) Table 2 (Siddhartha, Rohit, Pavaan, and Pierre). Sid started the final table with the lowest chip count but miraculously ended the night with a bang.

When it came down to the final two players (Sid and Ken) they both went all-in before the flop. Sid got Queen High and Ken got a King High. On the flop both a King and a Queen appeared giving Ken the advantage of a King pair over Sid's Queen pair. On the Turn came a numbered card and it seemed that Ken was about to win the tournament. Cupid must have been watching this V-day Poker Tournament and the Queen of Hearts appeared on the River. Poker boy Ken had to settle for a second place finish because no one could have written a better ending to a very exciting tournament.

Congratulations Sid, you are now the official King of Hearts of AIM Poker Nights.

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