Monday, December 1, 2008

The First Movers

It has finally begun. New players have enlisted and gave their poker handles to our beloved poker boys and started raking up the points.

Here is the list of New Players as of December 02, 2008
(in Alphabetical Order)

- Blue Chip
- Kits
- Le Chiffre
- Mothership
- Mr. Cynical
- Mystery
- Pythogoras
- Scarlet Spyder
- 3rdRocSun

Meet the players in our weekly poker nights.
if you feel you have that great poker handle that you really want, let the poker boys know
by sending them an email :

Send your Full Name / Program (MBA,MM,MDM) / Batch / Poker Handle

or you could do it the old fashion way by showing up at poker nights

Poker Girl

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