Friday, December 5, 2008

Professors Ortigas and Bernardo Visits AIM Poker Nights

Spotted: Professor Titos Ortigas and Professor Jay Bernardo drops by AIM Poker Nights.

Professor Ortigas took time out from his busy schedule checking MRRs to play poker with some of the students from MBA batch 1,2,3 and the MM batch.
Congratulations Professor Jay Bernardo for the first place finish in the rival poker night event. But I guess the poker boys made their poker night more interesting for him to take a peek at the REAL thing.

I hear Professor Ortigas showed the guys a thing or two about poker taking some of them back to school. It seemed to be a relaxing break from the series of MRRs especially when the poker boys played rock music of his "time". Don't worry Professor, the only thing that's important is that we stay young at heart.

Poker Girl

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