Friday, December 5, 2008

New Entrants Steal Show; Arora Leads the Pack

I heard that AIM Poker Nights has increased its total player base to 21 players. The new entrants seemed to be holding very well on their own as they did very well in the December 5 outing. Guess the new kids on the block want to show they can play with the big boys.

Arora, playing with a lot of guts and a lot of luck, leads all players with 2220 points. 3rdRocSun performed very well after his dismal performance last Sunday grabbing the second spot of the rankings. PimpAss Paradise started the games with his aggressive tactics and continued to rake in the chips to secure the third spot. PimpAss Paradise is followed closely by Pythogoras and the ever lovable "P".

Our previous leader, Le Chiffre, drops down to the number 6th spot and Mystery takes a dive from being the previous number 2 spot to 12th spot. I guess this just wasn't their night.

The boys of MBA batch 3 seemed to be a little distracted... is it because of Poker Boys' Guest Dealer?? Well next time boys keep your eye on the prize. I know The Canadian will come back with a vengence (or with his sunglasses) and represent the MBA batch 3.

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