Monday, December 15, 2008

Photos from December 7, 2008 Poker Nights

Neeraj aka "Mr.Mystery" and Sachin aka the "Tipping Point"
smiles for the camera even though their almost down to their last poker chip

"P" can't seem to get enough of the Poker Boys
Poses with Poker Boy Dindo Ofrecio aka "PimpAss Paradise"

"P" poses with the Poker twins Kenneth and Mark
its like there's a two for one xmas promo with these two around

Arlene brought her Boyfriend Banjo to AIM Poker Nights
with them is Dindo (left) and Emil "3rdRockSon" Tan

Gino Romero visits his long time buddies in AIM Poker nights
with him are P & C and Bok "Cereal Gigolo" Lamayan

HoHoHo Santa's got a new poker player in Chris Chan from the MDM program

Poker boy Ken aka "Scarlet Spyder" strikes a pose with the "Cereal Gigolo"
to model their hats

Omesh aka Mr.Bond contemplates his next move

Anton "Little LT" plays a little poker while waiting for his wife.
Guess which LOB Professor this Accounting wiz kid was named after??
uhuh u guessed right!

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