Saturday, December 6, 2008

Photos From December 5, 2008 Poker Night

Arlene Salvador of MM 2009 takes center stage
as she steps in as the 1st Poker Night Guest Dealer

Arlene poses with Poker Boys Dindo Ofrecio and Kenneth Reyes-Lao

Spotted: KT (in pink jacket) one of the class presidents of MBA batch3
she has been spotted twice already in poker nights,
the guys are wondering when will she come out to play??

Edwin "The MBA Degree Holder" Del Valle of MBA Batch 1
brings out his lucky charms for Poker Nights

Ann-Sophie Bauwens, our Belgian Exchange Student, and her boyfriend Ludovig Cox
drops by Poker Nights and poses with Poker Boy Mark Uy

Professor Ortigas (right most) starting to rake in the chips
to the sounds of Rock of old.
Arora (center) taking the role of Poker Professor
teaching the game

Who says MBA students don't know how to Multi-Task??
TODA is a prime example of the AIM student
Poker chips in one hand and a highlighted case in another.

John "The Canadian" Lim (in black shirt) of MBA Batch 3 shocks the
Poker Fashion world by forgetting to wear his trademark Poker Sunglasses
beside him are Infinite Justice and Sampoerno

OMG!!! spotted: "P" and "C" gracing the Poker boys with their presence
I couldn't believe they found the time in their busy schedule
of taking YOGA, Shopping, and Relaxing to come to play.
thanks "P&C"

Poker Girl

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