Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3rdRocSon Banned From Poker Nights This Week

AIM Poker Player Emil "3rdRocSon" Tan is banned from playing in this week's poker nights. The Poker Boys has banned Emil Tan this week for reasons that is very close to our hearts...

Emil, an MM 2009 (Masters of Management) student has to concentrate on his school work more this week as their deadlines are coming up next week. He will try to finish off some work on his MRR or thesis. He is currently writing on a feasibility study of a food business.

The Poker Boys, first and foremost, support academic activities before anything else. This bi-weekly Poker gathering is more of a relaxing escape from the pressures of the caseroom. A venue where everyone just be themselves. But the AIM Poker Nights should never get in the way of each student's responsibility to study and learn.

well boys and girls, seems like the poker boys is putting their foot down in this issue.
we will just have to play hard and study harder...

Poker Girl

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