Friday, January 23, 2009

Poker Boys Ken Looks Good in Chocolate

Poker Boy Ken celebrates his 26th birthday with the AIM Poker Nights community. Just to show his dedication and passion to this community, he conducted the POKER tutorial on his birthday.

But true to the ASIAN INSTITUTE of MANAGEMENT Birthday Tradition, Poker Boy was presented a birthday cake, got a birthday song (ISEP student Anna sang the Polish version) and a Cake in the Face.

For the longest time it has seemed that the "cake in the face" ceremonies here at the institute has been around since the dawn of AIM time.

And to be honest, Poker boy Ken, you look good in chocolate!
Brings a whole new meaning to sweetening the pot!

Poker Girl


Anonymous said...

Ken, the cake on the face really looks good. That could be your next billboard in EDSA or something!

Anonymous said...

Ay, ka-gwapo. :) Haha. -Tin