Saturday, January 31, 2009


Poker Boys Ken and Mark visited the Metro Card Club in MetroWalk in Ortigas. Ken used to play at the old venue with some of his friends and this was the first time he entered the new venue which featured a huge floor area that has numerous poker table and.... a lone billiard table( hmmm maybe for this is for the guys who cant get a seat yet).
The guys met the manager (Brian) of the Metro Card Club and did a little chat about trying to hold an event in this very fine poker establishment... I wonder what the Poker Boys are cooking up.
To find out more about the METRO CARD CLUB please check out their site. And for those of you who play poker in METRO CARD CLUB please let us know how you feel about this place so that our readers will have an idea.
Good Luck at the Tables!
Poker Girl

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