Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poker Boys will answer the RIDICULOUS CHALLENGE

Hey boys and girls, here's some breaking news! The Poker Boys will have to face one of the most RIDICULOUS CHALLENGE in their MBA careers and that is to eat the RIDICULOUS BURGER at Burger Avenue.

They will hook up with Jake the MAKATI FOODIE (view his funny insights on food and restos in his blog this Saturday. They will go on a RIDICULOUS Burger Showdown at high noon!

WHO WILL WIN??? will it be our very own poker boys or will it be the makati foodie? Or will all of them succumb to the three big, thick, juicy patties of Burger Avenue's RIDICULOUS BURGER!

Find out this Saturday who will be the last man (or burger) standing!


Fatboy Fat said...

you gals better be ready.. maybe this time you will bite off more than what you can chew..
post on you gals at..

mberenis said...

Great blog, stop by and play a round of poker sometime.

Very Fun!Free!