Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poker Boys to hold 1st official turorials on POKER

Due to public demand the Poker Boys will be conducting its First ever Poker Tutorial on Thursday, January 22 '09 at 10pm at the pool side of the Asian Institute Management Campus.

Poker boys will conduct a structured course on Poker so that students who participate will hopefully get a better understanding and appreciation of the sport.

As of this blog there are 10 students of MBA Cohort 3 who are willing and eager to learn Poker. For the other poker virgins out there who are interested please drop by the pool side and discover the sport through AIM Poker Nights and the ever lovable poker boys.

* Poker Tutorials will be headed by Poker Boys Dindo and Ken
* AIM Poker Nights is still on regular schedule (Thurs 9:30pm and Sat 9:30pm)

Let's go all in this Thursday!!

Poker Girl

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