Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rankings on January 22, 2009

Poker Rookies joined the AIM PokerNight Veterans last Jan 22. They wanted to try out what they have learned from the Poker Tutorials and it seemed some of them actually learned something.

But the biggest news was there were big movers from the bottom half of the rankings. Le chiffre moved from previous rank of 26 to 22. And Mystery who was down -2800 points gained more points than anyone leaving him now at -1675 points (however he made minimal movement in the rankings.)

PimpAss Paradise continues his winning ways and still has a solid lock on number 2 spot. Semi-newbie Maverick (formerly known as KK) has moved from 17th place to 7th... impressive wins on a couple hands makes a big difference.

Press on poker players. wishing you luck on the tables.

Poker Girl

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