Sunday, January 18, 2009

First AIM Poker Nights held off campus

If everyone was wondering why there was no poker night last Saturday that's because the Poker boys took a trip to Tagaytay with Cohort 2. They went on a boat ride, visited the Taal Volcano, enjoyed the scenery, ate Buko (Coconut) Pie, and of course played POKER!

This will be one of many AIM Poker Nights that will be held off campus.

Poker Boy Ken said that they were testing it out to see if an off campus game was logistically feasible. I guess nothing is impossible with these guys...

Poker Girl


Anonymous said...

Kennyboy, is this what you do in "hell?" Mag-aral ka nga. hahaha. ;P

Ken, did you know that "R" loves you very much? You're so guapo and charming daw


p.s. You went to Taal? And didn't pass by Balai?!!! You're insane.

Kenneth said...

Well we took a different route to the Taal Lake. Anyways this was just a test run on how this sort of activities will go.

But we will keep Balai Isabel on the 'places to visit/stay' when we go back.