Monday, January 26, 2009

Poker Boys Drops on Manila China town Part 1

The Poker Boys took the initiative and invited some AIM Students from different courses to visit Manila China Town. The China town is located in Binondo, Manila just across the Pasig River.

Prior to Makati, Binondo was the center of the financial and business district in the Philippines. Personally I think that the place has lost its sparkle compared to Makati but it still has this rich history which many still find very intriguing to this day.

The Poker Boys, along with a small AIM delegation, left the campus grounds a little after 2:00pm on the day before the Chinese New Year Celebration. And they soon found themselves in the heart of a very busy China town street called Ongpin. Anna Laczynska (ISEP student) from Poland, is the epitome of child-like excitement, taking pictures and trying out local food like there was no tomorrow.

to be continued...

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