Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photos of December 15,2008

Sorry for the late post boys and girls...
These are the year-end photos of
AIM Poker Nights for 2008

Cohort 3 came in full force...
But Toda came in style!
scores points for being the best dressed
poker playa of the year!
The Rose among the thorns, Ms. KT of Cohort 3,
watches intently as the game comes to an exciting conclusion
on the River
'hey girl im still waiting for you to come out and play with us'

Aldie (in green) contemplates on strategy because Pao (in White)
was raking everything in.
This was Pao's debut in AIM Poker Nights

Thanks for the support everyone!
Hope to see more of you in 2009!

Poker Girl

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