Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to School; Back to PokerNights

Happy New Year future managers, welcome back to the institute. Glad to see familiar faces once again. Hope that holiday break didn't slow you down because the Poker Boys will keep you on your toes this year and it's going to be great.

We bid farewell to Batch 1 who graduated last December 2008. We will be retiring their CodeNames in the new section of the blog Poker Player Archives.
We also bid a temporary farewell to our cohorts from Batch 2 that took part in the ISEP Program; make us proud. But we would like to welcome with open arms the ISEP exchange student who will be hanging out with us in the Asian Institute of Management for a couple of months (Anna, John, Eddy, and Thomas and Tom).

Heard that some of you have been practicing during the Holidays... well it is time to show off those poker faces and skills.

AIM Poker Nights 9:30 pm at pool side.

see ya there!

Poker Girl

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